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Sport Kids, Inc. is merely a steward of the resources God has entrusted to us for a short time. All gifts are from the Lord and a product of

His great love, mercy and grace!


Sport Kids was founded in March 2012 by myself, Rick Whittlesey, my dear wife Carrie, and Patricia Jane Whittlesey, my mother, who was the spiritual leader of our family until she passed away in June 2012.  Mom took me to vacation Bible school every year when I was a young child at Alamo Community Church in Alamo, TX., where I learned about Jesus and gave my first-ever tithe at age eight, $10, to overseas missions.  

In conjunction with foreign nationals, domestic and international aid workers and various non-profit organizations and NGOs, Sport Kids, Inc. (a private family foundation) provides funding, encouragement and support for kids and families in need, including humanitarian aid and educational assistance to some of the world's most overlooked, impoverished places.   (Please see "Where We Help" page for more details about support provided by Sport Kids, Inc.).

Sport Kids, Inc. also helps encourage kids and families to help heal all sorts of trauma and abuse, to build friendships and to foster community. From playgrounds in Iraq, to providing food in the U.S., to scholarships and soccer balls in Africa, to solar systems in Myanmar, Sport Kids simply tries to help those in greatest need and especially those helping others.


Since 2015, we have not solicited donations and have been 100% self-funded.  All our work is performed on a non-paid basis.  There are no salaries or other material benefits taken by the founders.  This is a very simple, straightforward Christian ministry whose sole purpose is to make donations and grants toward worthy individuals and organizations.  The purpose of this website is to ask you to pray for the less fortunate people around the world and to encourage you to give to others as the Lord may lead you.


We help other 501c3 orgs who are already doing all they can both to inform people of their needs and to raise their own funding.  We invest in relationships and significant long-term giving to organizations and people who love Jesus and who are accountable, thankful, communicative, humble, and dependable. -rw


About The Founder 


Rick Whittlesey 

Sport Kids, Inc., 2012-present
Executive Director, Go International, Inc., 2008 – 2012
Orphanage Work, Jos, Nigeria, March-June, 2008
Board of Directors, Any Baby Can, Inc., 2004 – 2007
Founder, Whittlesey Art Gallery, 2006-2007
Swimming Coach, San Antonio, 2002-2008
President/Founder, Whittlesey Philanthropic Investments, Inc., 1998 -'02
Director of Strategic Alliances, MassMutual of South Texas, 2001 - 2002
Chairman, Board of Directors, Kidney Foundation of N. Texas, 2000-'01
Chief Financial Officer, Compliance, , JAH, Inc., 1991–'98


Bachelor of Arts, History & Political Science, SMU, 1985

Master of Arts, U.S. Diplomatic History, Texas A&M, 1988
Master of Arts, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1990
Master of Business Administration, Dallas Baptist University, 1995
PhD studies, University of Texas-Dallas, 2009

Ironman Triathlon: Tulsa, 2021;  Ironman Triathlon 70.3:  Indian Wells, CA 2019;  Des Moines, IA  2021;  Boulder, CO 2021; Coeur d'Alene, ID 2022; Mountain Swim Series, CO, 2021 (four open water races; 1st place overall)

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