Sport-Kids: Helping Kids Around the Globe!
Sport-Kids: Helping Kids Around the Globe!   

Our Mission: To provide assistance, hope, and love to kids and families around the world, regardless of faith or ethnicity.   


In conjunction with foreign nationals, international aid workers and various non-profit organizations and NGOs, Sport Kids provides funding and support for sports equipment, humanitarian aid and educational assistance to some of the world's most overlooked, impoverished orphans, kids, and families. 


Sport Kids helps encourage kids and families around the world, using sports and recreation to help heal all sorts of trauma and abuse, to build friendships and to foster community.  It's a simple, high-impact goal, with massive potential. 


From playgrounds in Iraq to soccer balls in Africa, every kid should have the right and freedom to simply play.  In many parts of the world, soccer "balls" are made of old rags and playgrounds have never even existed.  Now, in many Iraqi towns liberated from ISIS, kids are playing on swings for the first time in their life! 


The only thing we ask of you is prayer and any encouragement you might feel led to give via email.


Thank you for your time and your interest. May the Lord God bless you and those in greatest need around the globe.  


     -Rick Whittlesey, Founder





Contact me today for more info!               -Rick Whittlesey

Phone: 214-708-5059


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All donations made in the U.S. are tax-deductible. Sport Kids, Inc. is a Texas-based, 501c3 nonprofit organization. Federal ID# 45-4803382